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MoReq 2010 Update 15.02.2011

Das DLM Forum / MoReq Governance Board hat am 15.02.2011 eine Nachricht zum aktuellen Stand von MoReq2010 veröffentlicht:

These are exciting times for the MoReq2010 project as we approach final publication of the new specification. So much has been done that it is hard to remember that we only launched the project at the Spring AGM in Madrid in May last year.

So far this year there have been meetings of the MoReq2010 project team and, in addition to going through the extensive feedback from the public consultation, we have also received the considerations of the Experts’ Review Group. The consultation periods built into the MoReq2010 project have proven particularly useful in shaping the specification.

We will be making the outcomes of the public consultation and the experts review group opinions available concurrent with publication of the specification; so you will be able to see how your feedback has helped us develop MoReq2010. The MoReq Governance Board is also planning to include public consultation in its plans for future development of the specification going forward.

The MoReq Governance Board and the Executive Committee met in London at the beginning of February to review and formally agree a timetable for completing the final steps and publication of the specification.

Over the next few weeks the DLM Forum will announce the following:

  • Publication of the core and plug-in modules – these will be published to the new website for the specification at
  • Publication of the initial test framework – to be ratified when the first products are tested and certified against the core requirements
  • The commencement of public consultation on the extension modules to MoReq2010 – the consultation will be for a month on each extension module
  • Following the public consultation and revision to the extension modules – the publication of extension modules including the initial test framework for those modules

The major announcements on MoReq2010 will be at the Spring AGM in Budapest in May where we will also present the forward looking business plan of the MoReq Governance Board and other initiatives.

In addition to meetings of the DLM Forum, there are quite a few other MoReq2010 related events and activities coming up in the year ahead. These include:

  • MoReq2010 v1.0 Symposium Brussels at the end of May; and
  • MoReq 2010 v1.0 One Day Workshop in London in June

Further details on these events and other activities will be posted as it is made available.

Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer
Member of the MGB MoReq Governance Board


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